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Computer Human Anatomy (CHA) and Clinical oriented anatomy of Head and Neck 2019

Eligible Students:

4th and 5th year medical and dental students

Elective Course: Medical students 3 Credits

Dental students 1 credit


András Stelescu MD


Eight weeks February 18 to April XX, 2018. One session per week per student

6-8pm. days of week to be determined (TBD)


CHA Interactive Lab T-Rectangle Building I 3rd floor seminar room

Head and Neck Seminars/Practicals Timetable and Syllabus

Details for 2019 to be posted in early February 2019

Course will be similar to that of 2018.


Week 1 of semester

Feb 19-23 CHA Registration NEPTUN

Notifications on NEPTUN. Posters on campus

Week 2 of semester, Feb 26-Mar 2, 2018.

1st seminar lecture: Overview of the osteology of the skull and facial skeleton. Brief embryology of the skull and facial skeleton. Craniofacial syndromes and malformations. Supporting bony structure of the face - midfacial buttresses. Mandible. Anatomical approach of those signs and symptoms related with the trauma of the facial skeleton

1st week practical: Imaging techniques used in maxillofacial surgery.

Week 3 of semester, Mar 5-9, 2018.

2nd seminar lecture: Facial anatomy in cutaneous surgery. Skin Tension lines. Muscles of face expression. Signs and symptoms in facial palsy (anatomical correlation). Muscles of mastication. Muscular triangles of the neck. Landmarks in the neck surgery.

2nd week practical: MRI images about the muscles of head and neck correlated with VH dissector images (VH Dissector for Medical Education Version 5.2.62 , ToLTech, Surface Anatomy of the head and neck.

Week 4 of semester, Mar 12-16, 2018.

3rd seminar lecture Clinical approach of the blood vessels, nerves and the lymphatic drainage of head and neck. Possible pathways of lymphatic metastasis of the cancers located in the oral cavity. Anatomical landmarks in neck dissections.

3rd week practical: The levels of lymph nodes. Regional anatomy overview correlated with oncological surgery. Regional anatomy using 4danatomy (

Week 5 of semester, Mar 19-23, 2018.

4th seminar lecture: Fascial system of the neck. The anatomical basis for the propagation of odontogenic infections.

4th week practical: MRI images about head and neck correlated with VH dissector images.

Week 6 of semester, Mar 26-30, 2018.

5th seminar lecture: Development of face and its clinical correlation. Cleft of the lip and palate. Developmental cysts in the head and neck region.

5th week practical: MRI images about head and neck correlated with VH dissector images.

Week 7 of semester, Apr 2-6, 2018.

6th seminar lecture Paranasal sinuses. Endoscopic anatomy of the paranasal sinuses. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery.

6th week practical: CT, MRI images of the paranasal sinuses correlated with VH dissector images. Practical endoscopy of paranasal sinuses.

Week 8 of semester, Apr 9-13, 2018.

7th seminar lecture Temporomandibular joint. Anatomical approach of the TMJ pathology. Arthroscopic anatomy of the TMJ joint.

7th week practical: CT, MRI images of the TMJ joint correlated with VH dissector images. Practical arthroscopy of the TMJ joint.

Week 9 of semester, Apr 16-20, 2018.

CHA exam TBD Clinical Cases oral or multiple question examination

Schedule, CHA Lab day student assignments will be posted on NEPTUN

Lecture PPP and Videos will be posted on the CHA website: